How to make the perfect poached egg

This is a tricky one to crack.

For many many years I was unable to poach an egg! 

It got to the point where I had so many failures I decided to simply scrap poach eggs completely and take them off the menu – poached eggs then were not even an option, not a choice and not something I wanted to get all hot and bothered doing only to be once again hugely disappointed with the either bullet hard or drippy egg results, not to mention the looks of displeasure when served!

This was until I went to Aruba on holiday and whilst waiting in the morning queue for breakfast I would watch the very happy staff (Aruba isn’t called the Happy Island for nothing!) just literally cracking eggs into a huge vats of boiling water and then producing the most perfect poached eggs morning after morning, day after day! 

After two weeks of having picture perfect poached eggs for breakfast I decided how hard could it be – my confidence from being a bystander, watching other people produce impeccable poached eggs was sky high and so I began and my friends I can honestly say from that day forward I have never looked back in hanger!

So, what’s my secret weapon?




Vinegar (Malt)

Fill the saucepan ¾ full of cold water add 4 drops of vinegar and boil

At the point of boiling place your eggs with confidence into the water having pre prepared them by cracking them into separate cups all ready  

After three minutes, lift it out and serve  (3mins is perfect for having the toast ready and all buttered on a place with kettle on for a brew)

In front of you will be a proper poached egg, the kind that might be served for the queen at the very least, for which deserves an automatic knighthood. The outside will be like a delicate oval snowdrift and the interior perfectly gooey and gorgeous!

So, thank you Aruba not only for being a fantastic holiday destination but for me and poached eggs as you are absolutely eggs- cellent!