with a sink full of dirty dishes!


It doesn’t matter who you are or where you sit in the pecking order within your family where it comes to the allocation of household chores.  Whether you live with people or on your own - whoever said they enjoy washing up and looked forward to getting stuck back in to that pile of dirty dishes day after day? – no one!

Although washing up is the mother of all chores we all love to hate, it’s certainly not exclusive to mothers.  But now a day within the May calendar gives a free licence to whoever you are to step away from the sink and enjoy a day without reaching for the marigolds!

On 18th May it is National No Dirty Dishes Day and what a lovely day for celebration and rejoice at the mere thought and 24-hour reality of having an empty sink and clear draining board.  In order to join in with the fun and reap the rewards; all you must do is say a big fat NO to dirty dishes!

Shock horror!  Yes, there are plenty of ways and means to avoid washing up and here are a couple of options to make your day complete; 1) eat all meals out – what bliss – breakfast/lunch and dinner all at places you love to go where all you have to do is eat! 2) Use disposable plates, cups and cutlery; preferably where at all possible be green and choose biodegradable ones! (you may struggle with the green cutlery but why not go the whole hog and eat finger food) 3) have a BBQ producing food that only requires napkins 4) Order a takeaway; Pizza – one of the most popular takeaways and the beauty about this tasty treat is it comes in a box, you can eat it directly from the box and then throw the box away!  No laying the table, no serving up and best of all no washing up! 5) Have a carpet picnic! – when you have a picnic everything should be disposable 6) use tin foil – by placing the foil into baking trays before you cook with them saves mess and minimises time when it comes to the washing up so the thought of doing it the next day doesn’t become intimidating 7) arrange to eat around someone’s house that doesn’t know or celebrate this momentous day! 8) compile a washing up rota starting from the next day placing everyone in your family on it before you, including the cat 9) Invest in a dishwasher!


Although note that on No Dirty Dishes Day, dishwashers are not excluded!  This is a day that should be treated as one in which absolutely no dirty dishes should to be created - If you have the need to use something that requires washing – this is the day to stack and don’t look back until the next day!


Happy days or Happy day – so do it and enjoy it!