You think he is off limits; taken, how wrong can you be?

How easily his empty words & promises blind you!

No recognition for he is someone else’s lover, yet many repercussions.

No solidarity shown woman to woman

Reunited through selfishness.  You think you are clever and yet stupidity stands out from your predictable deviousness.

No secrets woman to woman

He is not something to be won; there will be no trophies to display.  He cannot be stolen!  Even though you think you are the thief, you are stealing nothing.

No trust woman to woman

Think a little harder; look a little deeper as the lies will become clearer.

Don’t flatter yourself; fate is never that simple!

No kindness woman to woman

You are no different from the others before you.  There is little imagination in the words that repeat themselves.  Different person, same objective!

No lessons learnt woman to woman

Why do you think he says what he does?  Nothing is simple apart from the deceit! Soon you will know it well!

No respect woman to woman

Honesty is a choice.  Faithfulness to the commitments made is a choice. Betrayal is a choice.

No morals woman to woman

The control has gone, no longer a failure; worthless no more!

Woman to Woman