We often decide to have a bit of a doodle normally through boredom; whether it’s being bored at school, college or work and before we know it, we are reaching for that pen/pencil and finding a spare bit/corner of paper to let our imaginations run wild.  We become lost in a world of squiggles, whirls, twirls, faces, shapes and patterns! 

Doodling gives our fingers a chance to wander rather than our minds; as even though we are doodling we are still multitasking and listening - more than we ever thought possible!

Being stressed can also be a trigger point to doodle!  By doodling we are usually only half-conscious of what we’re drawing which means our inner preoccupations surface on paper releasing our feelings and emotions.

Without doodling, we fidget, fiddle, faff and twitch!  After all we are only human, and the human mind is not wired to do absolutely nothing especially with a pen in hand! 

Remember there is an artist trying to get out of each of us, its just a shame that normally its a crap one! 

But there is no right or wrong way to doodle - it is just an opportunity for creative expression whatever that may look like!

But what does your doodling mean?  As it can reveal a lot about your personality and state of mind!

Doodling, especially a time limited doddle session  can give a greater sense of self and meaning making us more able to feel more relaxed and concentrate activating our brains to unfocus and therefore focus.

The more you start to think about what doodling means, the less you will doodle and the more it will become drawing; which is fab, but more intentional than a doodle requiring more concentration and decision making!

Doodling is about release, while drawing is about communication.  So after everything its important to remember that a doodle is just that!