So many doodles, so many explanations – is there a science behind your doodling or are you just demonstrating your limited art ability?

A large doodle can show a confident and outgoing person while a small one suggests a person who prefers to observe rather than participate.

People who sketch faces are said to be outgoing and may focus most of their attention on those around them.

A nicely drawn face suggests the doodler sees the good in others whereas drawing comic faces demonstrate a desire to be the centre of attention. Child-like doodles of faces also suggest a level of neediness.

The expression on a doodled face is often a good indication of how the doodler’s mood is or their character. If you sketch weird or ugly faces, it must be said you are probably mistrustful.

Wavy or wiggly lines indicates a quick thinker.  It also suggests an adaptable personality or at times someone who is a touch evasive.

Those who sketch these three-sided shapes are said to be driven and ambitious; a sign nothing will stand in the way of your goals.

Whereas problem solvers tend to scribble symmetrical shapes.  By drawing squares indicates those set to be born leaders who have more logical brains. It indicates you want control of a situation or you are thinking through a problem.

Doodling spherical shapes or objects suggests a pacifist, being more drawn to love and affection, they are also said to shun confrontation.  Emotional people who want harmony and crave affection tend to use rounded shapes and curved lines.


If you draw houses, you’re likely to be family orientated.  If your away from home at the time of such a doodle suggests that you could be craving a bit of stability and routine. This common doodle also indicates a need for security. A messy-looking house indicates unhappiness with your home life and a house pictured on its own on top of a hill suggests you’re feeling isolated and lonely.

Stars are associated with enthusiasm and optimism doodled by dreamers who at times demonstrate impatience. Stars are often drawn by ambitious people. Lots of little stars indicate optimism. If you’ve drawn one big, bold, embellished star, you’ve got a definite goal in your sights. Neat, uniform stars suggest good mental focus, while freehand, asymmetric stars show an energetic personality.

Floral doodles are indicators of a trustworthy and loyal person and a sign of someone who values their friends, family and relationships. Flighty and romantic, fluttering butterflies, birds and bees suggest you don’t want to be tied down — or landed with difficult tasks or problems.

Risk takers are more likely to draw zig-zags; who are also said to be more blunt with their feelings and opinions.

If you doodle in 3D, you’re probably good at seeing the bigger picture being a sharp-minded character.

Busy, highly-detailed doodles are often drawn by people with an obsessive nature, who simply will not let go of their ambitions or loved ones.

Planes illustrate a desire to escape – in fact doodling any form of transport often indicates a desire to escape

Doodling your name or initials is common for those who enjoy being the centre of attention. Doodling someone else’s name, on the other hand, shows they are in your thoughts — perhaps romantically or because they are a presenting a problem you need to deal with.

If your scribblings are more realistic than abstract, you’re likely to daydream more about everyday concerns.

Commonly doodled by highly successful people, the simple stick figure reveals someone who is in control of their emotions and incredibly focused on their goals in life.

With oodles of doodles there are so much to interpret but maybe that masses of messy circles on the paper in fromt of you were purely to test if your pen was working?