WEEK 6 -









Week 3 and Iasha was on Team Npower and much like other weeks her dress sense was  louder than she was!

They say colours say a lot about a person - so what can it mean? Step up Iasha sporting a very bright pink suit for the pitch with John Lewis.

Interesting to wear pink as it can be interpreted as someone needing to express themselves who is likely to be an impulsive person who often acts before thinking.  How true as we were to discover!

Confused by the two different concepts -  Sparkle Star aka My Little Pony versus Slime Kingdom John Lewis looked for a connection.  Enter Iasha who begins her off the wall rationale that when you listen to it realise it makes little sense. 

“It’s a whole amazing fantasy land; little houses made from slime, whole kingdom built with interior slime and that’s where sparkle star lives”.   

Maybe because she has the voice of a child is why her crazy mumblings resonated and a penny dropped or maybe John Lewis were just too stunned by everything to disagree?

Strangely enough even though she stepped in on the first pitch, on the 2nd pitch where she could have repeated the same exercise what did she do? - Nothing - she couldnt wait to thank them and disappear yet in hindsight she was quick to announce to the camera that she had saved the day! - Why not save the day twice? 

To make matters worse in the boardroom her exact words were "One of my skills is winging it".  This is neither a skill or something to boast about and certainly is not at the top of Lord Sugars bucket list of the key attributes he is looking for in the next person to invest 250k in.


The penny that dropped with John Lewis must have been left behind as nothing appeared to drop in Iashas world that she had said anything wrong!  Ummm - must feel great to be a winner!

But can her winning and her winging continue?

Watch this space ......


Negotiate =Humiliate


Its Week 2 and we find Iasha part of the team allocated the responsibility of pitching to an upmarket plant company called Patch.  The key objective; to agree a price and gain enough insight into what they are looking for to provide them with a bespoke ice lolly treat.

This week Iasha did have more to say than Week 1, but unfortunately nothing of any substance that would make a difference or a lasting memory for the right reasons! 

Lottie even though not choosing to be Sub Team Leader led discussions with the client setting the scene whilst clarifying only gourmet ingredients & a futuristic imagery would be used. 

Iasha pitches in with “It’s a bit more of a customised high-end lolly pop” without offering any explanation to what a bit more of a customised high-end lolly pop looked like and why, stating a price of around £3.75 per lolly pop.  Why say around £3.75 why not just say £3.75.  When someone asks the price, to say it in such a vague way was just another example of how unprepared and unprofessional they all came across in the meeting!

However around or on the money meant nothing as the figure was too high for Patch who wanted £3.00 per lolly. 

It was at this point they left Patch at the table whilst they went outside to whisper and decide to offer what Lottie had already offered before leaving the table which was £3.50!

Iasha decided to be the one to reclarify price and after all the time away from the negotiating table she said she was willing to come down to £3.50 (hello - point missed!) and the best of it was as she thought they could just about make it work! (Glad your doing the client such a huge favour!). Resurfacing from under a cushion after witnessing such a cringeworthy exchange Patch agreed Im sure just to get on with their day minus this bunch of timewasting, selective hearing dimwits!

The only other thing Iasha said was to note that the rosemary was sticking out of the lollies – an observation without a solution!

Once again Iasha has not shown the viewers anything or given us any confidence she deserves to stay!

She remains under Lord Sugar’s radar and pointy finger only as she hasnt yet made it into the boardroom or sampled a lukewarm cup of char from the café but when it does happen, the only thing, I can see is 'Taxi for one'.

Watch this space .....

WEEK 1 - Pocket Rocket or

Drizzle with no fizzle!


The first impressions of Iasha from the boardroom before the first task had been set were mixed. 

Sat before Lord Sugar was a woman who when she opened her mouth sounded like an extra from Alvin and the Chipmunks and yet in her resume she described herself as a 'Pocket Rocket' that came with a warning - 'You hadnt seen hell until you’ve seen her mad'. Ummm .... the two really didnt match up - however if her voice gets any more high pitched when she's angry perhaps the hell bit is the sound of breaking glass within a 10 mile radius?

Hoping the voice wouldnt be the only memorable thing about Iasha, the first task was to create and sell a tour reflective of one of the highlights South Africa can offer.  Regrettably Iasha, on the selling team's only unforgettable and rather unomfortable debut moment was caught with her chasing some potential punters down the road whilst screaming "Excuse me.  Excuse me!" 

Is this an acceptable way to sell a luxury wine tour?  The members of the public were trying to escape having had their eardrums automatically pierced, but not fast enough allowing Iasha & co to gain on them.  They were probably too stunned to react properly from the squeaky yet loud decibel levels coming from Iashas's direction! 

Apart from thinking she was wearing very inappropriate shoes for the task - Iasha's contribution was so minimal, it left nothing more to write about!


Will she make more of a positive impression as the weeks go on & can she bring more to the party than someone on helium?

Watch this space .......


Constellation OR Consolation .........

Iasha Masood

Swiss Army CV or just Barmy?

With a voice that could grate cheese with a hint of helium being utilised, Iasha Masood is it seems a Jackie of all trades.  Her Linkedin profile showcases her as a business writer on Medium which is an online publishing platform offering a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people, publications and blogs.

Her handful of entries of wisdom on business matters with 2 followers cannot be a world changing indication of where her talents lie.

Also recorded is the title of Independent Business Owner for 7 months to date for her company which went live at the end of August 2019 where according to her website it was created by her and confirms her status as a current BBC ONE candidate in The Apprentice.  It is one of the many Sonic Skin Cleansers available on the market priced at 59.99 with limited information to what sets it apart from all the other Sonic Skin Cleansers currently available ranging from £15 to over £200 and doesn’t appear on any of the top 10 recommended Sonic Skin Cleanser listed by various well known publications. 

It is mixed to the results of such products and from research theres not a lot of evidence that these devices are much better than a simple washcloth!  So will this be the ultimate concept that cleans up?

Whilst August was a busy month becoming the Director of her own company, she also started to work at Kelloggs as a Salesperson – so will Iasha be a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat business partner for Sir Alan or when it comes to the crunch will it be Cheerio?

Describing herself as “the star that shines the brightest” are we all going to dazzled by her or will when the light shines on her reaching for the stars will the reality be as dull as dishwater as we watch her fall? 

She can read people just by looking at their body language which is always useful to recognise what the pointing finger of Sir Alan means and not dwell on it for too long – Awkward!

If there is one sure way to be in the firing line its by saying something like "I'm grateful because I've been successful but it's exhausting. (Oops, a first faux par as  surely she should be boasting of her untold energy?)  However, she believes her “crazy” and “controversial” characteristics will benefit her in the competition along with the ability to put on a game face.

So lets see how game on she is and if the whole experience will provide her with enough to write her latest dissertation whilst studying for Continuous Professional Development which she only recently started with all the other new goings on in her life. 

With so many new projects on the go already will this former Account Manager have any time to help Alan out on his quest to find his next apprentice?

Watch this space……….