WEEK 1 - You didn’t sell its as simple as that!

lost the task on sales

Just a dark horse without a stable?

Shahin Hassan


As the oldest candidate appearing in this year The Apprentice, Shahins audition tape just about sums it up nicely ….

He says his a dark horse  which then changes rapidly to dark knight (the dark knight is Batman – Regrettably proven you can’t trust the bats, as he was the one who was overly prepared to fight his foes and friends keeping a stack of kryptonite just in case his mate Superman went wampy – where’s the bromance in that?)

Shahin said he loves business more than sharks love blood (Not the most fetching image for the viewer to conjure up in their minds? Just very odd choice of words!)

He moves like a bullet and yet he stood still for the whole audition. 

He stated he always had a plan in his mind (excellent it’s called thinking….).  His mind was he said a bit like a pinball machine (twisted?). 

His wife doesn’t like that and thinks he is not stable (Stop - Rewind - Is this the best endorsement he wishes to share with the nation coming from the person who lives and loves him?).

He concludes; “That’s just the way I am you know and yeah I’m ruthless in my pursuit of success!  I am charming whatnot (whats a what not?)- but I’ve got a ruthless side as well – so watch that space ……….

After such a incomprehensible, uninspiring and unmotivational spin perhaps we should do just that………..