Too Negative!






Silence is far from golden.....


In Week 2 with the task being for each team to produce and sell ice lollies both to the public and to a corporate client lined up by Lord Sugar, Souleyman finds himself part of a troublesome trio with Dean and Ryan Mark. 

It became clear very quickly to the viewer that Dean having been nominated by Keena to be Sub Team Leader in a very uncollaborative manner was not up to the job and it caused problems right from the off!

On route to the client Dean allocated everyone with something to do on arrival, but as soon as he stepped out of the taxi he changed his mind leaving both Ryan Mark and Souleyman with nothing to contribute and instead become silent partners in what would be the most akward and embarassing negotiation and meeting where figures didnt add up and absolutely no basic details were agreed.


As much as initially Souleyman showed his disappointed for Deans behaviour and decision making, ultimately he chose to go along with this unprofessional charade and didnt start voicing an opinion until the ice lolly hit the stick when Keena asked about what time the client was expecting her delivery!

He was quick to point out that Dean wouldnt let them speak - really Souleyman?  Had he gagged you both?  By losing the power of speech you gave the power of poor decision making over to Dean - you could have interjected in a professional way during the meeting to ensure that all your teams ducks were in a row, but decided not to and then point out the flaws after the lolly has melted!

There was still no contribution when the penis shaped cheap lollies were brought back to the client who surprise surprise decided not to part with any of her hard earnt cash for a product built up as being really really luxury!

In the boardroom you pointed out that the client said you would be lucky to get a £1.00 for each lolly giving Deans ability to seal a deal the cold shoulder yet you didnt offer any hot solutions!

Lets see if you play a bigger and more positive part in Week 3 ...

Watch this space......






Hes got the poo wer!



Enter Souleyman Bah to South Africa on his first task and like all candidates the first time to make a great impression with the viewer on his apprentice journey.  So how did it go?

Being on the Safari Tour Team, he was placed with Riyonn, Ryan Mark and Keena and the first time he stood out was to demonstrate his skills of spitting Springbok poo - ummm.... to embrace the culture and join in after the guide reminised saying this had been one of the things he used to do - good thing he never said that he used to brush the hippos teeth or go for a quick drink in the river with the zebras!  Unfortunately his eager particpation was not relephant to the task and I dont think Ryan Mark appreciated being the target!

Lord Sugar was half right in his predicition that Souleyman's heightened senses would be useful as there would be plenty of bulls**t in the boardroom however not sure he took into account the springbok droppings!

In terms of adding knowlege and interesting facts to relay to their 12 travellers sold as seeing the big 5, all on the look out to tick off their wish list, Souleyman was part of the small 4 who didnt contribute much apart from voicing some one liners and very poor jokes - how does a lion like its meat - raw - Boom Boom!  - not really worthy of a Boom Boom!  After finally spotting the elephants after a further 2 hours was added onto the tour time to avoid disappointment for their clients his comment about it being elephantastic will be remembered! 

But was his performance and contribution elephantastic?  Lets hippo the next task will demonstrate what he has to become Lord Sugars next apprentice!

Watch this space......






Souleyman Bah

When in doubt run it out!

Describing himself as a “para-athlete and “motivational speaker he has an uncommon eye situation known as RP (Retinitis pigmentosa), Souleyman has a genetic disorder of the eyes that causes loss of vision. Symptoms include trouble seeing at night and decreased peripheral vision (side vision). Onset of symptoms is generally gradual and as peripheral vision worsens; people may experience " tunnel vision”.  Souleyman can’t see out of his right eye and has tunnel vision in his left.

But this hasn’t stopped him achieving and trying new experiences!

In 2015 as a 16-year-old athlete he took home the gold in the 100m metres at the Paralympic School Games in Brazil which regardless of being sighted or being partially blind is an amazing accomplishment!  For most people running for the bus is a challenge! For me personally running is not something I have participated in for a while – when I did attempt it it took me 10 mins to untangle my earphones and I spilt most of my wine so gave up! 

But this is not the case for Londoner Souleyman Bah who in 11.87 seconds was 0.2 seconds faster than a Brazilian who came second.  Couldn’t even make a coffee in that time! 

Hoping to represent Great Britain at the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2020 – let’s hope it continues to be a runderful life where sport is concerned, and he achieves this inspiring goal!  But will Souleyman take the money and run where The Apprentice is concerned?  And what sort of fabulous business plan has he got up his tracksuit sleeves to wow Sir A and the nation with?

However, something his memory would rather not be jogged about was being a contestant on The Undateables in 2017 when at 18 he appeared on the show looking for love and a potential perfect date. Regrettably it didn’t work out as well as the running and instead of finding himself on the podium of love he was left standing - alone!  Good job he wasn’t previously a marathon runner as something like this would make him hate the de feet of such a situation!  But life is a marathon not a sprint and you just got to keep going – Run Souleyman Run!

Still that was a while ago and I am sure hes got over this hurdle in his life!  Now he is setting his sight on being Sir Alans business partner and sees his limited eyesight as a strength saying “The less sight I have, the more imagination I gain, because what you see is what you see and what you don’t see is when the magic begins.”  I hope this is the case as candidates will disappear each week and let’s hope Souleyman can stay in the running!

He comes over well in his audition videotape minus any OTT claims of his entrepreneurial skills and just simply says for him its mindset, determination and consistency – three practical words – so heres hoping Souleyman is a man of his words and demonstrates all three during his apprentice journey!

Run Souleyman Run!

Watch this space……