Lost for words!

Be audit you can be!

Lubna Farhan

Special or standard?

Quick to share that she comes from a council estate conjuring up what exactly? A success story?  She’s not the first and certainly won’t be the last! Having not had an entirely idyllic upbringing, banging on about starting life in a council estate having no good role models she decided to become an accountant! – Well that adds up!

Gaining an education to open doors, hire a removal van and move into a property of her own (not council) became her goal and why stop there!

She describes herself as the whole package with her “book smarts” and “street smarts” description of herself like two sides of the same coin.  The “book smart” being the one who relies on structured knowledge and suck at real life and the “street smart” as 'unintelligent' or 'uneducated' hardboiled and unsentimental.

According to her own calculations to get to be Sir Alan’s apprentice, this Mumpreneur also describes herself as a dark horse or will she just be a one trip pony?  Not suffering foals gladly, an expert in her field will she be a stable influence and get the 250k?

Will she get to the root of the problem in each task or is she just part of the process to make up the numbers?

Chartered accountant, entrepreneur, public speaker, writer and model just a few things to boast about on her Instagram account with lots of selfies – some pouting but most looking happy giving an inkling that she may have a personality which is very unusual in her line of work. 

She also is a business consultant for Business Decoded which is a one-stop shop for businesses of all sizes, and “provides a variety of tailored business services, from creating business plans to motivational speaking, at your business or event, and everything in between.

With a solid career in finance and accounting the tasks where managing the figures throughout the 12-week journey should be a complete walk in the office wearing a suit and grabbing a calculator for this nu-mare-ical individual.  In fact, an opportunity to shine and impress the nation with her mental maths combined with business acumen and rationale!

Will she win?  Alas maybe the greyness will show through?  As financial people usually lack personality!  It’s as rare as rocking horse shit to find both traits in one person – although this is one race this dark horse wants to hoof for the finish line and grab the winning prize!

Watch this space…….