You cone do it!

Kenna Ngoma

Have a ice day!

With a smile that makes you smile, will Kenna Ngoma bring a smile to Sir Alans face or will it result in receiving those two words no potential apprentice wants to hear?   Will it be ice to see you and can he become Sir Alans favourite or is this just someone who thinks he’s cool but can’t stand the heat and will melt under the pressure?

Once a semi-professional footballer - before an injury brought him into business, the latter instigated by his train of thought just before going a date about a product that didn’t exist.  It could have led to disappointment or potentially no date but for him meant creating a new product – ice cream infused with alcohol.

What team did he used to play for – Aston Vanilla?  Bit of a shock a lot! No in actual fact he trained at Manchester City Academy and signed onto Barnsley FC until an injury cut his career short in 2013.

Since he has acquired Prince2 going into Project management whilst starting up a business in 2018 where he is one of the 2 directors of Beaumonde Desserts, based in Manchester.  However, it looks as though he is having to project manage quite a lot to subsidise his ice cream dreams but having the 250k injection of cash should keep him afloat to introduce many more flavours!

It is a company that specialises in creating vegan, premium, alcohol-infused ice cream. And his Linked in profile explains the passion in bringing about an innovative product which uses flavours inspired by his home country of Tanzania.

His business is promoted via some of his social media accounts but there doesn’t appear to be a website available to see what range of delicious desserts on offer (Perhaps Lewis will be kind enough to help him like he has Pamela and Thomas with their websites?).

However there was a review which spoke about the  ice creams  currently available in 2 flavours: chocolate, banana and rum (6.7% alcohol volume) and mango schnapps (5.3% alcohol volume). As alcohol and ice cream are a match made in heaven these tasty treats provide a new way for junk food vegans to indulge. But if you don’t like chocolate, banana or mango or are not vegan then perhaps not!

He is enthusiastic with an “infectious personality”, which he hopes will aid him to befriend the strongest candidates to help him build alliances for the boardroom. Umm good luck on that one!

When asked about party tricks he decided to demonstrate his dance moves which I don’t think he will need to share further for the next 12 weeks!

Will he scoop the 250k prize?  Is this candidate cool enough to make it to the end?  Is it mint to be?

Watch this space…..