Two candidates were both keen for this week’s title of PM; Keena & Riyonn.

For Keena, Ice Cream is his bread & butter - umm Bread & Butter Ice Cream – now there a business proposition!  He specialises in alcohol infused ice cream, has played with ice lollies before (his words) odd (my words). 

Will it be a no brainer, or will he experience brain freeze to prove he is the one?

Lets not forget ice cream is genuinely his speciality! – Ok Keena we get it! 

Whereas Riyonn has a Food & Drink Company.  With just the one hand in the air for him, ahh Cwn dy galon, Riyonn your day will come!

In the Kitchen Team; Keena, Tommy, Lewis & Riyonn.  Corporate Team; Dean Souleyman & Ryan Mark. 

The theme chosen by Keena is a healthy lolly full stop – it’s actually just a healthy lolly, but Keena felt the need to throw in the full stop.

In the short space of being given responsibility Keena shows signs of being a bit of a megalomaniac, choosing Dean to lead the Sub Team without bothering to have a conflab about who is most suited making Riyonn’s eyebrows rise & fall in disapproval and Ryan M to question the fairness of such a rash decision.

Adamant Keena bases his decision on knowing Deans strengths? (Answers on a postage stamp!).  Considering its only Week 2, it seems a bit hasty!  Let’s hope Ryan M's scathing words dont come true - “If it ends up being a failure then it’s on your head!”.  But Keena had moved on.  Why does this ice cream man feel the need to repeat everything he says?

On route to the corporate client Dean has a cunning plan; “I’m going to go in there, introduce them guys, you guys sorry, and have that initial chat” Well that made sense -not.... should be worth waiting for!  Turning to Souleyman; he says, “Leave it to you to say why and what we are here for”.  Turning to Ryan Mark; he says, “Over to you for building that rapport with the customer that’s your speciality – you’re unbelievable at that!” – glad you have recognised this Dean and surely you will utilise RM's skills to the max you Flatterer! 

But on arrival to the East London top beauty brand Spectrum Deab has been thinking – Steady on fella - could be dangerous!  He has made an executive decision (ooh - so VIP!) giving his colleagues the cold shoulder regarding the pitch!

Chill out guys you can’t possibly think he wants to make himself look Fab in this ice lolly challenge making you both look like a couple of lolly sticks?

Dean reminds Ryan Mark and Souleyman to be respectful & in business it’s about being respectful! – oh the irony in that statement Dean - hope you brought an oxgyen tank as you are so out of your depth! 

Souleyman was quick to pick him up (rightly so) accusing him of not being respectful by changing the plan last minute followed by Ryan Mark who chipped in reminding Dean they had agreed on a strategy whereas now he has done a 360 – a full circle - cant say I saw that twirl? 

Dean argued it wasn’t a 360 – that’s the only thing he did get right in this task!  Getting flustered he said “I’ve made a decision to leave the negotiations (what a team player!).  Let’s support it, let’s back it, let’s be adaptable & let’s make sure we smash this presentation (let’s just shut up Dean- another executive decision – mine!).

With the client Dean assures her they are offering a very,very luxury product if he is honest – umm – not sure this is something he is familiar with?  Wanting to get an understanding of the client’s company philosophy & ethos he forgets to remind his face he should be interested!  Having ticked the box of pretending to get a steer about her company, Dean got down to the nitty gritty of numbers & the size of what the order will look like. 

It is confirmed at 75 lollies for £3.30.  Another corporate clanger was dropped when he said if they did 150 lollies, he could offer them at £3.85 per lolly.  OMG – is this really a wheeling dealing sports promoter? 

Unsurprisingly she questioned his maths being he doubled the quantity whilst also hiking the price up– Awks!  He then offers her the same price for 90 as was offered if she wanted 150 lollies??. I’m sure just to get as far away from his silly boy as possible she shakes on it. 

Outside looking like cock of the north Dean asks his silent partners how they thought it went adding they could have got 100/110 units.  Once again, his comments sent Ryan Mark over the edge who accused him of u turning and being a u turn. The 20-year-old entrepreneur u turned to the 19-year-old entrepreneur telling him he was acting really, really childish!”.  Hey, Dean why is everything really, really?  You are really, really a terrible businessman! - Claude like the viewers shakes his head in complete disbelief!

Over to the Kitchen Team where a piece of stem ginger disappears into Tommy’s mouth, in fact one wonders if he has eaten at all that day as he makes his way through all the samples!   Keena distracted is concentrating on price.  He tells them all to work out cost per unit, cost per unit (is there an echo?). 

His whole focus purely to push for healthy margins rather than healthy lollies!

Excited the blueberry’s the cheapest one – blueberry’s the cheapest one (Why do you keep repeating yourself Keena, repeating yourself Keena?).  Riyonn volunteers to sample the activated charcoal which must have been like eating sand turning his teeth black before quaffing back some beetroot juice – steady on mate that’s £1.83 a litre!

Tommy is excited to relay the crazy contents for their healthy lolly which only equals 11p each.  With Keena’s mark up to £2.00 a lolly – it is predicted an ice ending!  Lovely jubbly/loadsalolly! 

Cue Thomas; “We got blueberries, we got stem ginger, we got lavender we got beetroot juice - done a formula and we got lolly for 11p.  Really happy – nice, cheap and cheerful – hopefully it tastes nice as well!  So, do we Tom!

Dean makes the call to update the kitchen team in between arguing with his corporate team.  He relays the client wants a premium product and is really really keen on it being cost effective.  On this basis the glitter, raspberry and coconut milk have been chosen.  Ryan Mark emphasises premium product requesting that they don’t make it awful (think the line must have been bad!)

The Boys decide to fold the glitter in and on tasting their first attempt, Riyonn felt it needed more but Keena was quick to remind his team, it was a pricing task and at the end of the day they would be gutted if they lost by pence’s or pound – surely you should be gutted no matter what time of the day Keena!

Voicing he doesn’t want to be in that boardroom again losing by smaller margins for the sake of taste –umm - What were your ice creams called again?

Riyonn tells the camera he feels the corporate lollies are not going to taste as good adding it won’t be down to him (point the finger as far away as possible Riyonn) whilst Tommy clarifies a cost of £14.40 - an absolute blinder of a mark-up!  With recipes prepped tomorrow they must deliver their corporate orders & punt lollies to the public!

Up bright and early Tommy is keen to get up and go as in his world its time to make some money mate! 

Keena starts by confirming who is doing what before moving onto what time the delivery will be taking place for the corporate client.  Dean answers "WE" said 'see you in the morning'.  Considering you were doing all the talking Dean – shouldn’t it have been “I” said 'see you in the morning' 

Riyonn looking fetching in his hairnet asked what 'in the morning' looked like in terms of actual time to which Ryan Mark confirmed Dean hadn’t ask any key questions. (Pop those beautifully manicured nails away RM - albeit fact!)

To keep the peace & protect Deans incompetence, Keena stated this one question re timing could have been asked by anyone. Souleyman feeling it time to protect him & Ryan Mark confirmed they weren’t allowed to speak!  Point taken but come on in business do you lose the power of speech or did this happen as you were both so pissed off with Dean you chose not to ask or even prompt him to ask the billy basic questions needed to appear as though they knew what they were doing?

In the boy’s kitchen the moment of ice lolly truth arrives as they see the corporate clients treats for the first time where Dean is quick to say they don’t look premium reminding the team that he did say premium. - Oh dear Dean p- do we sense "Man overboard" so soon in this task?

Incensed Riyonn reminds him he was the person who had the 1-2-1 with the client who wanted 'bespoke'  Dean hadn’t come back with 'bespoke' just flavours!  On a roll Riyonn wanted to know if anyone knew glitter disappears in coconut milk.  No one answered but although I am no Delia I would have suspected this to be in the case from the off!

Dean with the skin of a rhino was still banging the premium drum saying he made it categorically clear the product needed to look premium, but in his opinion; and this means so much.... nothing about what they had produced said premium instead it was really, really poor, looked cheap & tacky – bit like your negotiation skills Dean! 

He also commented on the lavender lollies saying they looked a lot more premium requesting a last-minute decision to swap the lollies for the corporate client.  This idea was backed by Ryan Mark who voiced if there was an option to do this, he would prefer to also take them.  But Keena was having none of it as far as he was concerned, they were made and there was nothing they could do about it! – Wrong Keena there is – a swap would have been a good call!  No, what Keena wanted was the corporate team to sell the lolly that looked a sun starved penis to the client as best as they could whilst maintaining the £3.85 margin! – This is not good ad ice Keena – are you sure you don’t want to change your mind?  But Keena was focused on this one option and told his sub team “that’s straight, that’s simple” He requested the sub team to strip off and get ready – Steady on tiger!

Midday where Thomas is let loose to sell to the public.  Whereas across town whilst making their way back to the client who doesn’t know when they are coming Ryan Mark feels their really really luxury product as promised looks like frozen yoghurts on a stick and a penis being just mediocre.  I don’t think that a frozen lolly that looks like a frozen yoghurt penis looks mediocre Ryan I think it looks like a complete disaster!

Dean shares that it is important to walk away with something even if its £3.00 and if so, they would come away really, really well.  Really, really Dean – you really, really think that she is going to give you £3.00 per lolly when they look like they do – Really, really deluded comes to mind!

At Regents Canal the boys & their healthy lavender lollies are on sale & Thomas is in his element!  “Gives that fiver, give us that fiver!  There you go, thank you very much - come back when you want some more!”  The blokes got some natter! What a Barry Crocker!  Even when a punter says the lolly tastes like her Nan's wardrobe, undeterred Thomas the sales tank answers “See it brings back nice memories!”.  The boy did good!  The boy knows how to make some bees and honey! I was up at 3am in the morning to make these he tells a customer who replies I don’t care that’s your problem!  Love it – Not worried about her Darby and Joan – Thomas cracks on – more people to sell to!  Claude applauds Thomas recognising his cheeky chap approach by either wooing customers or moving onto the next buyer.

In East London Dean & Co were still waiting…..  But without a fixed appointment they just have to sit & wait.  The good news about having time on their hands means they could decide the positioning of the ice box which ends up in between Dean & Ryan Mark – one would worry about the lollies defrosting having to wait but there is still a huge frostiness in the air, so that sorts out that little problem!  At 2pm the client arrives confirming she wasn’t sure when she would see them excited to see the product.  When presented with it she said, “Umm actually I think it looks a little rude if I’m honest, I cannot agree with you that it is a premium product!” Absolutely if you had done you would have lost all your customers!   

Dean completed understood offering to lower the price fairly dramatically to the £350 mark.  Is 35p dramatic or just plain stupid?  I love the fact one word summed up how she felt “Bold”.  The client could only compare their ice lollies to a very basic ice lolly that sold for £1.

Dean oblivious to how wrong it was going decided to be honest (really,really honest Dean?) explaining the only thing they could discount was to go down to about £2.85  - so £1.00 down already from the original price Dean and only about £2.85!  But the client was having none of it - Absolutely no way!  The pennies were beginning to drop with Dean who suggested to meet half-way towards a figure. The clients answer – “No way!”   Ryan Mark interjected with what about £1.25. 

The smell of raspberry & coconut milk was replaced with sheer desperation as the client decided to decline the product expressing the execution has been poor.  Shes out!

So what does one say to that? Brilliant thank you – cheers? - No Dean – that is really really not the right thing to say you plonker!

At 3pm at the Regents Canal Keena’s healthy lollies were selling like hot cakes when the phones rings.  Excited,though not for long Keena wants to know what price they got.  Dean admits they had walked away empty handed as the client didn’t want any of them!  Keena was fuming, genuinely gutted how it could go from £3.85 to nothing pointing out they were working their butts off & suggesting the Sub Team do the same.  Off the phone, raging he shares with the others that they couldn’t even shift them for a pound suspecting something had happened within that team – well done Sherlock but too late!

Cue Dean; “If we lose this task it comes down to one thing and that the product.  Who was responsible for that? - The kitchen team and who is responsible for the kitchen team - Keena”.  - Man overboard!  Bet you were glad Keena to recognise all of Deans fabulous skills from the off!

With all accounts frozen tomorrow the boardroom…..