At the Apprentice house at 4am the phone rings, Pamela aka Ena Sharples answers the phone her head weighed down by massive curlers modelling some trendy heart PJ’s. 

With only 20 mins before the cars are outside to go to a destination in North London, she must spread the word quickly. How exciting! How Early! Especially considering where they are going doesn’t open until 11am!

With everyone keen to seal the deal to win the next task, Lewis admits he can’t deal with the girls and their smug faces - get use to it Lewis that’s what us women do best!

Arriving at Alexandra Palace built by the Victorians – (the place I got married – but not on the ice rink!).  Sir Alan rattled off some historical facts about the building to how long it had been opened if you fancied popping along for a triple axel or a couple of camel spins!  He announced the task which will all be about cool customers – Boom, Boom! 

Did we know that 44 million pounds is spent globally on ice treats (quite a chilling figure!) so he wants these budding apprentices to take a bite out of this market. – Boom, Boom!

So, what do they have to do?  They must create and manufacturer ice lollies to sell to 1) the public & 2) a corporate client who will expect to receive a bespoke order.

As always, the team who makes the most profit will win and on the losing team at least one of them will be fired. – standard Sugar warning!

With the mission set, it was time to crack on with a date in diaries to appear in the boardroom in couple of days......