And the women……?  With only one in the running for PM; Crust me I’m a baker - Carina as she knows all about products, flavouring & fooooood.(whats that all about?)

Lottie – aka Veruca Salt seems to be playing nicely this week being the first to say she thinks Carina will be the best candidate for the job – umm.... genuine? Or done because she knows Sir Sugar’s red queen side more than often makes PM’s take the blame on losing a task – Off with her head!

Carina takes Lottie’s words as a compliment returning it by making Lottie the Sub Team Leader for the corporate side.  But Limelight Lottie is quick to decline insisting its nothing to do with feeling uncomfortable & suggesting Marianne whose experience she feels is more suited – A tactical move?

In the Kitchen Team; Carina, Jemelin, Lubna & Pamela.  On the Corporate Team; Marianne, Iasha, Scarlett & Lottie. Their theme - “Retro Sweets” – another suggestion by loudmouth Lottie. 

The kitchen girls arrive at a high-end ice lolly company in West London where on display there are different samples to generate ideas & get experimenting!  The retro lolly will be sold to the public & Carina feels Cherry Cola is quite retro although is undecided on what goes with it. 

Pamela suggests cinnamon (that would be disgusting!) whereas Lubna opts for cream cheese. (Yes, that’s right – cream cheese?)

Over to Karen, who makes one of those faces as though she has just inhaled the absolute worse fart of all farts up her business focused nostrils.

Would this cheesy suggestion be a grate idea?  One Carina pondered on even though Pamela was shocked by such a combo! Hallomui, is it brie their looking for? 

Lubna not contend with this revolting recommendation puts forward the name cheesy cola - She’s gouda brie kidding! 

Luckily after more unflattering face pulling along with Pamela’s comment of it going down like a lead balloon meant it was a non-starter! - Lubna looked down crested – don’t cry babybel!

Carina spies the liquorice assorts as retro, sweets which is something Jemelin has never tried – well Jemelin it tastes like honey coated rubber akin to marmite - you will either love it with a passion, or hate it & not understand why people like it.

Will children like it? Why wouldn’t they love this sticky, dark brown, strongly flavoured bit of rubber that makes you poo?

The decision for their retro ice lolly was Cherry coke base with glace cherries & liquorice pieces placed inside it! - Yummy!

In South West London Lottie Lyon Maid is controlling the pitch telling representatives of upmarket plant company Patch that in order to meet their corporate ice lolly requirements they are thinking gourmet ingredients with a futuristic imagery. 

With a voice like nails down a blackboard Iasha explains it’s a bit more of a customised high-end lolly pop (what is a bit more Iasha?) & explains they are looking at a price of around £3.75 per lolly pop. But this is too high for Patch who want £3.00 per lolly. 

Here is the perfect opportunity for Marianne the actual Sub Team Leader to showcase her talents & years of experience - so what does she do? Absolutely nothing!  Yet Scarlett thinks this is something worth discussing as a team away from the negotiation table. 

But Lottie is back spouting about needing to keep their costs realistic suggesting £3.50 asking if Patch would be interested in that.  Not waiting for an answer, she concludes “We will discuss & come back”.

Marianne speaks…. hooray her selective mutism comes to an end - surely she is going to take control– who has ever heard of people leaving to have a chat half way through a meeting?  But instead its only to confirm they will be a couple of mins!

They leave to whisper & conclude £3.50 per lolly.   Scarlett asks, “Why are we out here discussing it?” – are her eyebrows affecting her memory? - She was the one who suggested it!

The minutes tick by & still they whisper.  The Patch people look on bemused!

The girls are in a dilemma knowing prices cannot be driven up once the offer of £3.50 is on the table so return where Iasha thanks the Patch people for letting them have that time – they didn’t have much choice did they Iasha?

So, what amazing offer will you make Iasha?  £3.50 basically - she is willing to come down to £3.50 because she thinks they can just about make it work!  - I am embarrassed for you Iasha!

The Patch people who clearly just want these women to go away agree. But before they could go & lie down in a dark room it was time for the women to confirm the overall price.

For 90 lollies at £3.50 each they would be looking at £325.00.  Patch corrected them to the correct calculation of £315.00.  Lottie apologised for their miscommunication or is it just shit ability to add up? Delivery was agreed for 1pm the next day!

Karen sums up the incredibly unprofessional episode!

Catching up on her corporate order with the whisperers Marianne tells Carina, “We promised them gourmet”.  They have chosen edible flowers grapes & rosemary as the ingredients

Getting cracking, grapes are crushed, & edible flowers thrown in as foliage (said v strangely by Carina) who thinks it makes it feel flowery & planty - such observation skills!

Lubna the accountant confirms a cost of around 75p per unit (for an accountant it is surprising she cannot pinpoint the actual figure!).  Both Pamela & Lubna feel it’s expensive!

Cue Pamela who feels the corporate order is their highest priority!

Carina is feeling confident about the task feeling her team have all the elements to succeed only questioning what could go wrong - everything Carina this is after all The Apprentice!

In West London, hairnets & coats to the ready, its lolly making masterclasses.  In the girls kitchen Scarlett seems to be asking all the right type of questions indicating Carina is not project managing.  How are we going to wash the moulds?  With water Scarlett – honestly!  Carina realising, she must take control tells everyone to be swift   - well that’s helpful Carina – well done you!

But Scarlett confused by who is doing what keeps asking questions.  Carina steps up wanting to confirm what everyone is doing,  labelling?, prepping for packaging?  She asks Jemelin to be in charge of the dipping freezer thing or whatever it is – well that was as clear as mud!

However, the girls corporate lolly making was going a lot better than the boys & the first to admire the process & how it was looking was Lolly Lottie.  But how big should a sprig of rosemary be?  Lottie offered a guesstimate suggesting cutting it down.  But Jemelin accused her of spending too much time on this one thing reminding her they needed to get going.  Lottie not one to be told stood firm. Her message back was as the client were paying £3.50 per unit for this gourmet product, they wouldn’t get it unless everything was perfect! For once these are wise words coming from a young head!

Jemelin reminded her they had 300 lollies to make & sometimes felt Lottie needed to listen more finding her very defensive.

Cue Jemelin; “I find working with Lottie extremely difficult” - Dont think you are alone Jemelin!

It was the girl’s moment of truth as they got their finished product out of the deep freeze!  Again, Lottie was the one who was quick to gush how gorgeous they were!

Not thinking about the consequences of her heavy handiness Pamela managed to take the top off some of their lollies by ramming them headfirst on the tray when dismantling them.

Clearly someone to cover over any cracks Carina suggested for everyone to focus on how good they looked – Not with their heads missing Carina!

Cue observant Iasha who remarks the rosemary is sticking out.  Problems Iasha not solutions? But Lottie said she would make them look neater by snipping them.

Karen tries a lolly.  Her feedback was that the girls had stuffed so much ingredients in the lollies; rosemary & edible flowers, she got a big lump of rosemary in my mouth remarking it was like eating a garden! Not sure Ive ever ate a garden Karen, but we will take your word for it!

Now concentrating on the retro treats, Jemelin explained to Lubna how to pack them, compactly by placing sheets on top to keep them frozen.  Lubna not impressed felt they needed to hurry up & on record we see her shoving the ice lollies into the ice box & just placing a cooler block on the top despite what Jemelin said.

In South West London Lottie representing the girl’s team is excited to tell Patch they have the full 90!  Quick to add the lollies are all high quality confirming the ingredients used. Patch could see lollies with big sprigs of rosemary voicing they would not be edible, slightly nervous to how many were affected. Lottie predicted perhaps 60 but Marianne requested a moment to peruse through to then bring back the ones that were good

Once again, they left Patch out to grass as they rummaged through to identify any that weren’t acceptable.

At London Zoo, the other girls’ team were getting ready to sell to the unsuspecting public.  But calamity their retro lollies had broken on the journey from being packed really badly.  Do we know who did that asks Pamela. – Yes it was Lubna!

Lubna admits to the packing but doesn’t admit liability for the breakages convinced the journey getting there caused the lollies to move around.

Cue Pamela – Lubna only one who packed it so who else can we blame?  No one Pamela – it was Lubna!

Back to the girls who were still weeding out lollies that don’t make the grade.

With all accounts frozen tomorrow the boardroom…..