The task in hand repeated with confirmation Carina from the bakery trade was PM for The Girls.  She explained the chosen trend was 'Retro' with a cherry cola-based lolly. 

Wanting to put Lottie forward for Sub Team Leader, it had been declined.  But Lottiewas quick to interject explaining she felt Marianne was more experienced to deal with corporate clients. 

The fact that Marianne said diddly sh** to the corporate client & didn’t stand out at all during this task says what?  Did Lottie get it terribly wrong or were her thoughts about Marianne’s ability spot on pushing her into the limelight to be the fall girl?

Not impressed Sir Alan reminded Lottie, Carina was the boss being PM commenting “So she asked you to do something & you said no not really?”.  Lottie looked suitably told off & a tad uncomfortable. 

Bringing Marianne into the proceedings he asked how she found being Sub Team Leader.  But before she could answer Scarlett felt it appropriate to speak on her behalf accusing Lottie to be the one to reduce the price to £3.50 with the corporate client.

At least Lottie had a voice, not afraid to speak stating it hd been agreed as a team.

Sir Alan wasn’t happy they had left the client in the middle of a deal showing zero negotiation skills likening it to Teresa May & Brexit coming back with the same deal!

The cost of making the corporate lolly was confirmed at 75p per unit & Lottie held her hand up about the choice of using rosemary. 

Marianne finally found her voice wanting him to know the figures Lottie predicted for the lollies without trees inside them had been all over the place which was why they once again stepped away from the client to sort out the mayhem!  She concluded that the client accepted 80 units.

Carina volunteered to relay the results from selling to the public at London Zoo saying the plan was to sell at £3.50 but they had to let them go initially for £2.50 as they went mushy.  Mushy?  They were packed badly!  Noted that Lubna had nothing to add!

Having listened to enough Sir Alan felt he got the picture moving onto The Boys & Keena – “You were PM, talk to me”. 

Keena couldn’t wait to justify his relevance for the task “Being in the industry itself & having an understanding from an ice cream & lolly perspective (what does that look like?) I went for a healthy option”.  He added picking Dean for the sub team.

Ryan M interrupted just wanting Sir Alan to know he had been very passionate about being the Sub Team Leader but unlike the rest of decision making it was not done by a vote.

Sir Alan stated it was the PM’s job to choose who they wanted as ultimately, they get it in the neck – which is all very well Sir A but isn’t this process all about people demonstrating they can make the right choices? 

How was it possible for Keena to identify the right choice when he didn’t allow anyone to put forward why they were relevant?

RM acknowledged this making the point he wasnt given the opportunity to pitch himself.

Moving onto their corporate client where Dean said a brief decision was made in the car.  This caused Ryan M to speak up to advise Sir A it wasn’t a brief discussion – everyone had definite roles until Dean had changed his mind on arrival.

Sir Alan asked Ryan if he had labelled Dean Mr U Turn which RM standing loud & proud said “Absolutely, he did a huge u turn!  Not having a Boom Boom moment for a while Sir Sugar said it was a bit like the cold war – Boom Boom!

Dean confirmed it had been agreed £3.85 for 90 units for the corporate client with their Kitchen Team confirming costs as 15p per lolly.

Examining the lolly Sir Alan commented it looked as though Anne Summers had gone into the ice lolly business.

Dean was quick to add he told the team it needed to look good & premium but as soon as he saw it he knew it wasn’t premium – Man Overboard!

Souleyman decided it was time to contribute saying the client was not happy repeating her remark about they would be lucky to get £1 per lolly.  Sir Alan asked if this is what they took given the circumstances.

Ryan clarified the client declined the whole deal taking nothing.

Sir Alan with a face like thunder did however congratulate Thomas expressing he was a bit of a sales hero.

Time to get the results; 

Boys Spend – £67.72

Boys Sales – £439.15

Total Profit - £371.43

Girls Spend -£124.21

Girls Sales - £669.50

Total Profit -£545.29

Girls won by £174.00 

After congratulating them for freezing out their competition - Boom Boom! The girls were sent as a treat to South Kensington luxury spa & steam rooms.