Dont you just love children - they say what they see and are completely unfiltered!  The focus groups consisted of children between 6 - 8 years and they didnt hold back!

When shown Sparkle Star the unicorn who looked like My Little Pony along with the online video with a hysterical Queen looking for Sparkle and a huge white unicorn who looked nothing like Sparkle being wrestled by Ryan Mark whose evilness was all in the cape and hood and a voice that only nightmares are made of - what did they think?

It appears to be sterotyping girls was the first piece of feedback which I loved - where did they get these children asks Jemelin - these are the future Jemelin - you cant kid a kid!

Im starting to get a bit confused said one child - umm you are not alone!  It says Slime Kingdom – I would have imagined it was called Sparkle Star!  The packaging doesnt make sense says another!  Two very valid points that would have made perfect sense but common sense is not something demonstrated during this task by any of the potential business partners for Lord Sugar!

The only common ground was the love of slime with only one child confirming they would like to own Sparkle whilst the rest looked on unimpressed not showing any desire to want one - with the sparkle quickly gone - perhaps Tommy The Talking Turtle would fair better?

"Its a bit boring, just talks and stays on your hand and just lights up and thats it!" Excellent summary!


Too babyish and uninteresting!  From the mouth of babes - sorry Tommy you are truely a turtley terrible toy!

With action figures whose super powers are farting & heads being butts, scratch & sniff trading cards, coding robots, a robotic tumbling hedgehog who tumbles, spins & bristles in response to claps, ailens you can dissect and a toothless hatching interative baby dragon you can teach to fly - what child would choose a turtle who potentially will get in the way and on their nerves?