Enter the candidates into the room with 'Board' in the front of it. 

Marianne whose devilish decision about the colour red was wearing a matching lipstick looking ready to go into battle as she took a seat. 

Enter Lord Sugar reiterating the objective comparing the results as the Great British Bike off as the two horrendous bikes were displayed.

Starting off the proceedings, Iasha was ready and excited to share Sophisticated Sarah.  "Who?" asks Lord Sugar.  Who? indeed Lord Sugar!

Iasha sensing perhaps Lord Sugar wasnt keen on getting to know her imaginary friend brings Pamela into the mix to take her share of the responsibility for the creation of Sophisticated Sarah. 

Pamela uncomfortable by Iasha's approach is happy to state she didnt have much of a connection with Sophisticated Sarah passing back the passion for this customer profiling firmly back into Iasha’s court. 

With the spotlight being too much Pamela goes on to say the design had taken up too much time, using an example of Iasha’s indecision making about the tyres.  Carina pitched in feeling the tyres weren’t a selling point.  To continue to demonstrate their frustration regarding Iasha’s ramblings Pamela said her ability to decide had been a waiting game.

Ryan Mark knowing and understanding clients who were the epitome of sophistication, having visualised them being the potential target customer didn’t think Sarah would want to buy a bike like Aphrodite.

Listening Lord Sugar wanted to know the asking price of their bike which was confirmed as £1700 and picked up on Carina who had dropped the price immediately on her first deal.  Iasha clarified she had given instructions to reduce to £1,000 only at the end of the day. 

Dean wanting to bring attention to what his contribution had been feeling good about the amount he sold in this task stated he had made a substantial deal with one of the leading bike retailers in the UK. 

Lewis who was on the team responsible for choosing the accessories confirmed they had opted for the flashing helmet in preference to the rear back lights on offer. 

Ryan Mark clearly still traumatised by the waggling sock and drop back lights shared with Lord Sugar that they had been shaped like testicles.  Seeing a pun moment Lord Sugar said “Useful for hanging on your chopper” – Boom Boom!

Moving onto Unison Lord Sugar acknowledged Thomas once again being PM for the task asking why he had put himself forward to once again be in this role.  Thomas answered he liked riding bikes making Lord Sugar comment it appeared Thomas loved everything; ice lollies, toys advising next week it would be sewers which Thomas seemed to be quite excited about!

Lord Sugar understood Thomas had become upset during the task about the red wheels which Thomas admitted was as he didn’t feel as though he had been listened to requesting it should be aimed at a more mature market and yet when produced looked like a child’s bike. 

Riyonn protested about the colour advising Lord Sugar he had wanted white wheels and the red was all down to Lottie and Marianne. 

Marianne on hearing her name in a negative light explained the name Bounda ree was down to her connecting with the message ‘Push your boundaries’ yet her other team mates changed the name to E Fit.  Thomas jumps it to explain what it meant, but Lord Sugar had already worked out the E was for Electric and the fit was for getting fit. 

Keen to know the agreed price point, Marianne confirmed proposing the idea of £1200. 

Riyonn seizing an opportunity to win brownie points wanted Lord Sugar to know how he had contributed to the task making Marianne quick to answer that overall the team had done quite nicely, and it wasn’t about who sold what – really Marianne?

Having heard enough Lord Sugar wanted to know the outcomes for above teams.



Outfits £14,200

Bike £423.500

Total Sales £437,700


Helmets £22,410

Bike – £1.242,800

Total Sales  £1,265,210

Lord Sugar impressed by the sales being over 1 million congratulated N/Empower feeling that they had stepped up a gear! - Boom Boom!


An indoor go kart track for a mini grand prix