Three's a crowd – so who was going to be the one to leave?

The pressure was on Thomas from the moment he walked back into the boardroom.  Being PM is an occupational hazard; its a role which always puts whoever has chosen to lead into the firing line! 

Even though his team had taken orders for over 400k from their ulgy red wheeled electric bike, their competitors had made a staggering sum of 1.2 million from their ulgy navy electric bike indicating something had gone drastically wrong and not just the colour!

What could that possibly be?  Perhaps ....

  • Thomas for choosing the wrong Sub Team Leader someone who didnt own an eletric bike
  • Lubna for a lame attempt to put herself forward as PM
  • Thomas for not managing the negative feelings and at times unprofessional behaviour demonstrated towards Lottie during the task
  • Marianne for not listening to the brief – classy, mature, getting fit, classic and instead producing a bike most people would decline ownership for
  • Marianne for making the overall decision that red wheels were going to stay  
  • Marianne for making the overall decision that the white rocket was going to stay
  • Lubna for not having anything to say in relation to the accessory choice apart from her instinct pointing towards Lycra
  • Thomas for choosing the Lycra
  • Thomas for wearing the Lycra
  • Lubna for not being able to sell the Lycra
  • Marianne for coming up with a rubbish name
  • Thomas for changing the rubbish name for an even more rubbish name
  • Marianne for being unsupportive to Lottie during a sale
  • Marianne for becoming a power freak and bully to make an example of Lottie yet only placing herself in a bad light
  • Marianne for suggesting the price point
  • Thomas for agreeing to the price point
  • Anyone who sold that didn’t hit the price point
  • Lubna for not selling anything
  • Marianne for wearing a shade of lipstick that was very unbecoming
  • Marianne for spotting her chance to push Thomas under the red wheels of the bike and deflecting any responsibility
  • Thomas for being such a pussy and allowing Marianne to put him down royally in the boardroom
  • Lubna for the belief that just being herself was enough in contributing to the task and not to be fired

And so the decision albeit a difficult one as viewers up and down the land were willing Lord Sugar to fire them all – Lubna is the one to go.


Was Lord Sugar right to fire her? 

Yes, she did nothing and the rationale of just being herself was not only lame but seemed ridiculous as being herself was someone who did nothing – why apply for The Apprentice if you’re not game on?