Whilst Team N/Power were enjoying a few cocktails and trying their hand at balloon modelling, Team Unison were in the ever-empty Bridge Café ordering a cuppa slosh to dissect what went wrong – which shouldn’t have taken long!

 The Bleeding Obvious answers; 

  • Riyonn was a shocking leader
  • The wrong product chosen
  • The product produced wasn’t for the desired age range
  • In a world of technology where children aged 6 – 8 are looking for a toy that does everything including tidying their bedrooms Tommy the Turtle was never going to happen and who wants a friend who is a turtle who has limited diction and vocabulary?
  • What child is going to be impressed by motivational quotes like I have swam the ocean?
  • Riyonn’s VT was truly dreadful 
  • Riyonn’s vision to what children want was so off beam!
  • Low budget costumes in the VT - what happened to the bottom half of some of them?
  • Nothing made sense  - Turtle - yes /Penguin - ?/Dalmatian - ?/Bird – ? What was that all about?
  • The dreadful cringeworthy moves
  • The subtitled messages
  • The bad coordination with mechanical Marianne and laugh out loud Lubna
  • Souleyman’s ever negativity throughout the task
  • Lottie’s poor choice of summing up focus group
  • Thomas tunnel Turtle vision
  • Souleyman’s lack of contribution
  • Scarlett for knowing the product was aimed at the wrong market and yet going along with it and not getting heard
  • Souleyman’s problems and no solutions

The two Riyonn chose to return to the Boardroom were Souleyman and Lottie and not before Lord Sugar gave Thomas a bit of advice; “I like your passion, but you have got to bloody listen or you wouldn’t last much longer!”.

After going back and forth to who was to blame for the failure of the task, Souleyman was the one to go for being negative throughout the task, only offering problems and no solutions like a commentator not a participator!


13 candidates remain …..