11 remain in the process and its Lewis’s turn to answer the phone – even this was not memorable as we found out Thorpe Park was the destination and the standard 20-minute warning was given.  The memorable bit Lewis provided was when he galloped 'Miranda style' to let everyone know it was time to rise & shine!  Nothing quite like a gallop to start your day!

The first thing that leaves Thomas aka “The Nuts/Geezer’s” mouth was to share his thoughts about Thorpe Park. 

It’s the nuts! Why wouldnt it be Thomas?  

Dean asks Lottie if she knows what Thorpe Park is and Lady Snooty replies “I know what it is I haven’t lived in a box for 18 year’s“– shame Lottie it may have made you a nicer person! 

Thomas decides to put on his best plummy voice mimicing Lottie on what he thinks she believes Thorpe Park is – "It’s a park you walk around and feed the swans, so lovely!" 

Oh dear Thomas, dangerous terrority, Lottie is going to make you pay!

On arrival at Thorpe Park wearing a pillar box red trouser suit Iasha appears to be walking in a very odd manner as she strides in front of the others in her rush to get to meet Karen, Claude and Lord Sugar.  This was the biggest part she would play in this process!

But where was the real Lord Sugar?  Instead a three-dimensional hologram of Lord Sugar appeared providing an interesting and fun presentation whilst outlining the objective of this week’s task. The candidates must create a 4D rollercoaster ride for a theme park which then gets pitched to industry experts before regrouping back in the boardroom in a few days’ time.  His three dimensional image disappears in a rollercoaster in his quest to have another go before the candidates disperse into their teams.