In a boardroom first, four people ended up in the boardroom thanks to Scarlett’s indecision. Dean, Iasha and Lottie re-joined Scarlett to see who would be the one to be leaving the process.

So how did they fair and what had they done to end up sitting in the Boardroom all fighting their corner and justifying why they should stay to potentially become Lord sugars business partner.

Dean was accused by Lottie of not doing a lot, not just in this task but in previous tasks which was seconded by Scarlett who even though she was kind enough to acknowledge they had work together collobratively he wasnt a key player and in her opinion Dean didn’t hold enough worth not to be hung out to dry.

Iasha was accused of doing nothing, saying nothing and basically wouldn’t have been noticed if she had decided to stay on the parks rollercoaster rides all day long!

Lottie was accused of missing out important detail on the poster; both the USP’s and placing the image of her and Thomas dressed up in their space suits in a vehicle not linked up with roller coastering track to flow with the ride on offer.  Lottie was also accused of being someone who no one would want to work with, difficult to get along with, rude, opinionated, ruthless, deluded, not a nice person generally, not having any likeability factor, rude, very rude referring to her competitors as deadwood, not being a peoples person, interrupting people, patronising, being nasty, being mean, on a power trip, looking down her nose at people, being the most awful snob and thinking she is something she is not – do I need to go on?

Scarlett was accused of not having strong enough leadership skills, always asking for everyone’s approval, not managing Thomas and Lottie from the outset, having terrible eyebrows, calling people you guys and sounding like a complete la la by telling the parks power people that if they would like the USP’s incorporated this would be something they could do – OMG!

And so with a double or even triple firing possible, Iasha was the only one to get the finger as Lord Sugar concluded it’s a little too late!

Turning to Dean and Lottie, Lord Sugar told them they were very controversial summarising Dean as a bit of a ducker and diver and Lottie as very headstrong and young and maybe in the process a little bit too early giving him concern of her ability to remain.

Lord Sugar flipped a coin to see who out of Dean and Lottie would be PM on the next task.  The winner of the coin flip ended up as project manager? Isn’t it normal that if you win a coin flip you get to choose the other person or decide whether to do it or not?  No choice Dean is next week's PM.

In the taxi Iasha sums up her experience;

“I don’t feel I was the weakest candidate in the room if I was given more time, I would have been able to show Lord Sugar what I was made of.

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