Lord Sugar is a man who has one of those faces where no words are required to confirm how he is feeling!

With advertising being one of his favourite tasks, disappointed would be an understatement!

Recapping the objective of the task made the end results even more obviously wrong and yet for the majority of those opposite him, its a shame but true to say they each would have to literally be slapped around the face preferably with a big wet fish before they recognised anything wrong!

The first person to be questioned was Dean who Lord Sugar had made PM for this task.  He explained they had gone for the backpacking element.   Wanting to know who did what and where; Dean confirmed; Lewis Lottie & Scarlett went to Finland.  Lewis explained their journey began with the storyboarding of a group of friends who were experiencing the finnish experience.

The advert was shown and Lord Sugar wanted to know how he was supposed to know it was Finland as he felt it could have been anywhere in the world including Margate!

Lottie was quick to point out that there was in fact a Finnish flag at the end of the jetty in the advert – blink and you would have missed it!

Lord Sugar made a remark about seeing Lottie with a hamper to which she replied Fortum & Masons hamper Lord Sugar – please pass it over Lottie, so the nation can be sick in it!

Carina and Dean were responsible for making the digital bill board and Carina felt they had worked really well together but stated a lot of the ideas had stemmed from her.  Lewis felt that it had been ok and was useable which wasn’t a great endorsement for the team.

Recapping the pitch Dean explained there had been a lot of constructive criticism given which Lord Sugar was quick to inject with the feedback he had been given about the performance of each of those that had pitched – Lewis was recognised as being someone to think on his feet, all good about Scarlett, however where it came to Dean; Finland has some inactive geezers which summed Dean up quite nicely.

Marianne when the spotlight hit was quick to say that the LGBTQ+ had all been Ryan Marks suggestion wanting to point out that unlike the other team theirs had no storyboard.  Jemelin explained she had a vision wanting to showcase the forest and wanting to see the location before any plans were put into place.

Karen feeling ready to turn the knife pointed out had they used their time properly they would have had a plan.  Lord Sugar reminded Jemelin the director of her new title given to her by Ryan Mark; ‘The Dictator’ which Ryan Mark defended admitting there had been a minor clash between them.  Inappropriately Pamela highlighted it wasn’t minor at the time.

They watched the advert minus Ryan Mark who didn’t seem able to witness his shady performance.

Lord Sugar summed up the film being more about saving Ryans private parts than Saving Ryan  - Boom Boom – classic!

Lord Sugar commented that it came across as an advert for a spa.

He confirmed Thomas and Marianne were responsible for producing the logo and digital billboard and once again never being able to identify anything positive Marianne stated she had found Thomas quite difficult to work with which seemed to surprise Thomas who felt the opposite as he had listened to everything she said and did everything asked of him. 

Lord Sugar asked them all; ‘Do you not think its more of an advert for Pride rather than Finland?

Moving on to the pitch where it was Thomas, Marianne and Ryan Mark, Pamela had been disappointed not to have been included.  Marianne defended her decision as she felt that she was very good in that setting and in answering challenging questions just not good at saying the letters LGBTQ+ and in the correct order.

Lord Sugar had heard enough and was ready to make his decision.

With Unison presenting a more cohesive billboard and campaign they were granted the win and in return given a treat being a skiing experience.

On the winning team Lewis couldn’t help but give it large boasting of how the win was down to him.  Carina said in her opinion Dean didn’t lead the team and as for Dean he was just thrilled his face had been a feature in Piccadilly Circus and believed everyone had loved it  - poor deluded Dean you remain for another week – lets see how far you can go given you have nothing to give!