More than in just hot water!

In the café it was agreed there was too much Pride!  As they sat with their polystyrene cups of builder’s tea Ryan Mark agreed the team had all been distracted by the event.

Good old Marianne whose brain was never out of survival mode ready to push any of her competitors in front of Lord Sugar’s firing finger said if she had spent less time having to manage Thomas and more time concentrating on the advert it would have been better.  She should have just popped him into the local creche given she refers to him as an awkward petulant child who only wants his own way.

Thomas felt Marianne was simply looking for a scapegoat being now backed up against the wall and knowing to be in the wrong.

It appeared that no matter how many sugars placed in their stewed cuppas would sweeten the situation and so back to the boardroom and to face the wrath of a different type of Sugar – Lord Sugar!


The familiar voice of Lord Sugar’s PA/receptionist sung out the familiar words ‘Lord Sugar will see you now!’

Obediently the losing team made their way into the boardroom.

Lord Sugar began the proceedings by announcing Finland had been voted as the happiest country in the world, however he couldn’t be sure how they were feeling now!  He reminded the losers that the whole objective was to promote Finland in the summer and couldn’t understand why their focus had been so much on the Pride event.

Thomas was first to hold his hands up admitting we got it wrong.  Lord Sugar seemed amused by this delayed reaction and replied that he knew but what he wanted to know was who was at fault?  Him?  Marianne?

Lord Sugar advised Thomas as an observation that his ideas were not the only ideas but he felt sure Marianne hadn’t been strong enough to supress either.

Marianne shared the structure of the logo was all her idea accusing Thomas of steamrolling over other peoples ideas and then claiming them as his own.

Lord Sugar felt the billboard looked like an advert of 2 blokes that built something in a garden shed from B&Q.  Again he wanted to establish whose fault was it to why the task was lost

He pointed out that in 7 weeks he hadn’t seen anything from Pamela who replied she knew her strengths – one being not to be a candidate on this process.

Lord Sugar noted that Ryan Mark not yet been PM yet acknowledging he had put himself forward for consideration of the role but in no ways forcefully enough to make it happen.

Ryan Mark defended his actions stating that he was waiting for a task that he could utilise his knowledge and experience like the Arts of something with luxury to which Marianne poo pooed his rationale stating she worked in insurance and therefore would have to wait a long time for a task relating to this to come to fruition.

Lord Sugar tiring of the squabbling asked Marianne who she was going to bring back into the boardroom with her for the final 3.

Marianne decided upon Jemelin as a definite but felt it a toss-up between Ryan Mark and Thomas, however even though it had proved a struggle with Thomas, she didn’t think he was responsible for losing the task so decided on Jemelin and Ryan Mark.  The room was silent apart from Ryan Mark repeating it’s a huge mistake!

Lord Sugar advised Pamela and Thomas to go back to the house and asked the trio of doom to step outside whilst he had a chat with Karen & Claude.

On returning he started by sharing with the three candidates that it might be 24 hours of sunshine in Finland but there wouldn’t be many left for one of them in this boardroom.

After going through the motions once more giving each the opportunity to defend their actions, Lord Sugar had enough and was ready to summarise.

Marianne  - he got the feeling she found conflict a bit difficult  certainly in the manner with Thomas who should have been a contender in this final boardroom wondering is she was able to stick to her own principals.

Jemelin – was given a big job here to produce tv advert which in turn was completely off beam.

Ryan Mark – Felt it a valid point about him not being a PM and was trying to visualise whether he could be his business partner which he was struggling to do.

Returning to Jemelin who only 2 weeks ago had become so close yet was given another chance.  Lord Sugar was sorry to say but he thought her part in this task had been the main failure, so Jemelin your fired!

The Dictator can no longer dictate!