Lord Sugar as always reminds the candidates what the task had been.  To represent an artist, remix their tracks and sell on to buyers.

Kicking off with Lewis whose side and corporate client gave a brief predominantly about football, the one specification was no love songs.  With 3 artists for each team to audition, Marianne clarified she told Thomas that the market rate of commission should be between 10 & 25 %.  Lord Sugar asked Thomas what he had said in the auditions - 50% was confirmed and Unison breathed a sigh of relief seeing the winning line already in sight!

Lord Sugar remarked the wording 'I need something different in my veins' sounded like a footballer needing a drugs test and noticed it had been Marianne singing on the track - why did she look so happy about that?  She sounded like a beached whale!

Lewis believed they went in with a strong pitch (was he in the same pitch as we all watched?) and they got a flat no.  Leaving it at that Karen interjects reminding him he spoke over the client throughout and pissed him off.

Lord Sugar did comment the team had been quite successful with the clients later in the day and Lewis felt proud they had raked back some sales with the masses (doesn’t he say the funniest things – masses – I’ve seen more people queue up for a Next sale!)

In Unison Dean confirmed his excitement on the task and being PM.  Lord Sugar noted Dean knew about representing people and Lottie knew all about music having 15 years’ worth of experience – Lottie confirmed she had been playing since the age of 4 – what the tambourine asked Lord Sugar Oh no, Lord Sugar, the viola whilst explaining she had pushy parents to whom she was grateful to.

The nation is taking stock and a pact is made never to be a pushy parent if this is the result!

Dean explained their focus had been purely on the act feeling confident any of them would have chosen him and Lottie given the way they had been treated. They got the band they wanted for 30%.  During the editing Lottie wanted Lord Sugar to know that Dean had wanted her to run every idea by him first which he commented seemed reasonable given Dean was the Project Manager.

They listened to the track in which Lottie was lip syncing to the words whilst doing some strange body movement to as the lyrics went over and over again literally!

Lord Sugar described it as bouncy and enquired how it did with the corporate client.  Carina explained they played the track, but it wasn’t upbeat enough so the client couldn’t see how to use it as a tv advert, but instead did chose to use it for social media purposes.

Later that day with the strapline ‘Need to go’, a Toilet Paper Manufacturer had wanted to use the music for their TV Advert – could not make that up and was an absolutely crack!

Time for the results;


35% commission

£28,575 sales

Profit £10.101.75



Sold £50.100.50

Profit £15.145

As Unison hit the right note their treat was to go to the BBC Radio 1 Lounge to see Bastille. 

Cue Dean - 'I have won twice as PM which speaks for itself'. 

Cue Lottie – 'I took on the shoes of the PM, as it did seem that I was in the position everywhere that was fundamental to the task'.

Before confirming destination, The Café for Npower Lord Sugar shared with those remaining that he reckoned Thomas had a loyalty card at the café dismissing them to go and have a chat!

Just ask for a teabag Thomas as you are in enough hot water!