• Suck UK Stress Ball Paul - Novelty Hand-held Anti-stress Squeezing Accessory

    £6.45 - Amazon.co.uk
    A soft, silicone rubber stress ball in the shape of a body. A great portable stress reliever, stress-busting Paul can hide easily into your palm for easy portability and endless squishy fun.

  • Bobury Vent Ball Anti-stress Toys Human Face Surprise Emotion Relaxing Relieve Stress Toys

    £5.35 - Amazon.co.uk
    Funny face: the product of this human face expression pattern is very special, it looks very funny, you can release your pressure by pressing it

  • Embracing Mindfulness Keep Calm and Stress Less Cards - 55 Exercises to help relief stress, anxiety, aid sleep in a natural way

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    55 specially designed cards to help you relax.
    These tried and tested behavioural prompts will help you manage your stress levels and help you become more mindful along the way

Why you can stamp out your stress with a squeeze!

It releases tension:

When you press a stress ball, the muscles in your hands and your wrists tighten up and when you release the ball it relaxes the tendons and muscles in the area.

This helps one to release tension build up due to stress. Ohhhhhh!

It stimulates your nerves:

It is a known fact that the extremities of your body, i.e., the hands and feet have nerve endings that are connected to your brain. The nerve ending in the hands are connected to the limbic region that is solely responsible for controlling your emotions. Pressing the stress ball with your palm has an effect like the acupressure, where stimulating the nerves in one area helps the other areas to function at its optimum. Ahhhhhhhhh!

It Improves muscle strength:

The squeezing enhances movement in muscles that result in the production of more nuclei. More muscle cells lead to better and bigger muscles seen through the toned muscles. Your susceptibility to injuries is decreased with the exercises.  There is also improved wrist strength when the ball is squeezed as well as finger strength through stress ball pinching activities.  Ohhhhhhhhh!

It improves your mood: When the nerves connected to your brain are stimulated by pressing a stress ball, it relieves muscular tension and also helps to secrete endorphins that minimise the cortisol levels in the blood. This helps to improve your mood as well.   Ahhhhhhhhhh!

  • Super Things Stress Potato

    £6.49 Amazon.co.uk
    Stress ball in potato shape
    Looks realistic, great for squeezing and stress relief

  • Calma Llama Fun Toy

    £5,99 Amazon.co.uk
    Love llamas? Feeling stressed? This novelty llama stress toy will not only help you free yourself of stress and drama but leave you feeling like a calma llama

  • LafyHo Slow Raised Eyes Popping Stress Ball Vent

    £4.76 Amazon.co.uk
    A good toy when you feel blue, angry or upset. Liven up your mood and bring some humour to your friends and family.