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Even though we live in a world where we no longer depend on stationery, it continues to play a big part in our lives.  You can never really have enough stationery.  So, what is it about stationery that we love? 

From a Biro to a Mont Blanc pen, a smelly eraser to a glittery pen, a pen shaped as a flamingo to pencil toppers that show the world our mood and feathery pens that making writing a challenge; stationery is something that still makes us feel better.

Words such as Foolscap, Filofax, Post-it, Pritt Stick, Crayons, Spirals, Bulldog Clips, Push Pins, Tippex, Polly Pockets, Page Markers, Pencil Cases .....need I go on – they all have with the same meaning – "gorgeousness!".

With National Stationery Week upon us, what better time to review your stationery stock and perhaps invest in some new pieces. 

There is no doubt stationery has different meanings at different stages of our lives, but no matter what age, there is nothing quite like shopping for and acquiring some brand-new shiny stationery to add to that ever-growing collection!  It’s a passion, something we can’t control.  Its emotional people and real! 

Everyone no matter who they now are will have to admit to having a stationery fetish and that one time during their lives where it was an obsession, whether it be from finding pleasure in collecting smelly rubbers (that could have a whole different meaning now!) to being overprotective about the collection of the latest sparkly gel pens.  And even though our tastes may have become more refined, who doesn’t still get that urge to purchase stationery?

Remember the last time you got a new piece of stationery, whether it was a book, pen, eraser, ruler –the newness cannot help but stir excitement!  With a new notebook, it’s the instant anticipation of all the possibilities those fresh blank pages can bring.  Each one represents and generates endless positivity once again providing confirmation that anything can be achieved between those ruled lined sides.

Paper breathes new ideas, new thoughts, ready to be written and recorded.  The blankness can be replaced with dreams, aspirations, plans, all presenting a sense of potential.

New stationery absolutely represents a new start!  It is something in the main associated with and deep rooted from childhood when it was an important part of our lives. 

Remember one of the best things about returning to school after the holidays, especially the summer break giving a longer period of time to peruse current stationery trends was that first day of show and tell with your new writing implements, various novelty erasers, folders etc.  And of course, the curiosity of what new stationery your classmates had, in the hope that yours were more unusual, not mainstream and the sort of stationery that would make others have instant stationery envy. 

With a new pencil case rammed with rubbers, highlighters and all other imaginable items that come under the stationery banner, you were prepared, confident and ready to compete!

Just remembering those times brings back happy memories of the shopping, the finding, the sharing which all make the excitement stir in the pit of my stomach thinking about the next time ….. as not much changes when you get older, you still love stationery.  The obsession never fades which is mainly down to accessibility and affordability.  There was and still is always something you could and can purchase, no matter how big or small the amount you had or have. 

Even now you can get some cracking and unusual pieces of stationery very reasonably priced– its all about being stationery savvy and knowing where to go, where to look and what to get – being choosy and recognising a fine bit of stationery when you see it!

The same principal is true when starting a new job – there is nothing quite like some new stationery to put a spring in your step as you make your mark and start to take notes in that brand-new exercise book! Nothing compares to the enjoyment you get in addition to the opportunity to accessorise or spruce up your desk space for all your colleagues to admire!

Stationery is also always useful and there can always be a sane rationale behind any purchase whether it be getting ready for that next project or in preparation to add motivation to completing a task or simply because it has made you complete as a person, stationery is practical and therefore can and always will be used, no matter how long it sits in a drawer or is stored in a cupboard. 

It is an expression of creativity, an illustration of detail, a statement of confidence.  In time, you become unafraid to purchase the different, the unknown, the unusual, the damn right challenging!

It is without doubt a representation of what was, a sense of nostalgia!  It is real, tangible, tactile and an alternative to the digital world we now live in, so it is also refreshing.

Notelets, cards, writing paper all have meaning, enabling feelings to be created, and memories made that no text message could ever compare with.  It shows time and effort with words that have been thought about, thought through and recorded for others which make the art of communication special, not rushed, where time is taken and an exercise where it becomes an investment of emotion usually well received.  It also shows that the art of writing can and should never be replaced.

Sometimes it is better to put things onto paper allowing more clarity to be gained.  The words you write come to life, give you the opportunity to brain dump more efficiently, making life clearer and you more organised in your thoughts and actions.  Stationery allows you the power to do this!  Rather than relying on a digital diary or on-screen planner, you can write out your thoughts, lists, tasks, goals, dreams and all those endless things to do all in your own handwriting and at your own pace.

A good old fashioned pen and paper provides you with the freedom to create a system that works for you by writing down only the details you need to know, not bothering to think about any extra information in your head, it streamlines the process, keeps it simple and therefore becomes the most therapeutic exercise.

However, with that perfect pen, the one you just couldn’t resist and the notepad that actually called your name with the most alluring front cover can result in even greater things bringing on a sudden influx of brilliant and original ideas, unlimited fear, boldness beyond where any pen dared to go before.  We journal our thoughts deep from the heart, record quotations that both inspire and motivate us.

Having the right stationery really does help encourage us to be both more creative and organised.

Our choice of stationery expresses our style and personality, it can demonstrate our changing moods and emotions.  For some a concertina file may be boring or a ring binder bland but each to their own to which set of folders or box of plastic wallets that will finally enable dreams to be lived.  With the extensive choice of designs, colours, patterns, quirkiness and downright amazing pieces of stationery available, you can be silly and show your fun side or personalise every bit you own sending out a very clear message – hands off – buy your own!

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