Lisa Maynard

Isolation Manifestation

A nation, its ongoing narration of devastation.

Our continual observation, united with fascination, and exasperation of the dramatization.

Helplessly witnessing the eradication of the population with no inoculation and questionable preparation.

It means, quarantine due to Covid 19, unforeseen with no vaccine!

A virus that fails to inspire us, instead just tires us. Difficult to reassure with no cure.

Hospitalisation, induced ventilation, facing the unknown, all alone, struggling for breath, confronting death.

Not defeated, the message repeated from the start, stay six feet apart.

The point is persistent to keep our distance, if out and about and we should meet, cross the street.

Isolation brings no evacuation, the starkness of the darkness can lead to mental deterioration, feeling misunderstood, no good, lack of aspiration, creative constipation, absence of variation, slothful sanitation, personal limitation, overrun imaginations, daily improvisations, heart breaking separations, obliterations of occupations, financial deprivation, uncertainty of habitation, solo education, anxiety and palpations, no more group participation. 

From daily life we have withdrawn, need I go on?

Although a plus has been the chance to discuss and adhere to instructions with minimum fuss.

Increased information, determination, improved family communication, lockdown innovations, more appreciation, enhanced co-operation, consideration, heightened sensations, donations, equalisation, hours of meditation and forced relaxation.

Orchestration of medication with unstoppable dedication, from the frontline, there offering unlimited care. For whom we clap. It is clear as we cheer and make noise, to celebrate the brave and people they save.

Yet, let us not forget, the realisation of not enough shipments of personal protective equipment’s.

Left with anticipations of escalation, revalidation, and verification of vaccinations to restore respiration and civilisation with cross examinations with the hope of returning to normalisation and reorientation with feelings of rejuvenation.