There are so many different things that you can make with orphaned socks. Here are just a few creative suggestions which may stop you from tossing your old socks or wearing mismatched pairs and who knows you may even be secretly pleased the next time one is mysteriously kidnapped by the sock monster and vanishes leaving you with a spare to carry out your own sock project, the perfect way to bring a bit of upcycling into your life!.

Use old socks to cover the heads of golf clubs

Keep old tennis balls or golf balls in a sock for easy access in the garage.

Use the sock to cushion any small valuables

Store shoes or use when packing to separate your shoes from other luggage

Fill socks with game pieces for board games like Monopoly or jigsaw puzzle pieces and tie them at the end. You will never lose a set or a jigsaw again.

Place a sock on the bottom of any bottles that can get sticky or oily in the cabinet, such as olive oil or vinegar.

Socks can make excellent knee pads.

Cover windshield wipers with tube socks to keep them ice-free.

Use socks to clean your car

Make a bird feeder by cuttingthe sock at the ankle so that it is one long tube. Sew one end shut, fill with bird seed, and then sew the other end shut. Then hang it on a tree to attract birds.

Place socks on the bottom of chairs or table legs to keep them from scratching.

Cover boring pots with a sock.

Use to slip over your shoes when tradesman come into your house.

Fill an old, clean sock with potpourri and secure the end with a ribbon or rubber band. Stick it in a drawer to freshen up your belongings.

Cut them apart to create cleaning rags

Fill your sock with rice and the essential oil of your choice, such as lavender. Secure the sock by tying it or sewing it, and then heat it in the microwave or place in the freezer to cool and drape over your neck for tension relief.

If your hands and feet are dry and cracked, cover in Vaseline or lotion and cover with clean socks overnight. The sock will help your skin better absorb the moisture and keep it from rubbing off on your sheets.

Make a homemade stress ball with play dough, a sandwich bag, and socks. Place play dough in a sandwich bag or wrap with cling film and place inside your sock. Secure and tie with a ribbon.

Fill a clean old sock with some catnip will keep your cat entertained for hours.

With suitable holes use as a coat or balaclava for small furry animal.

As a weapon, fill with weighty objects.

Use as sleeping bags for Action Man.

Make an outfit for Barbie

Make a puppet to amuse children

Freeze them and turn them into a boomerang.

Dye black to reunite with other odd socks