Ever since the virus began to spread, there has been much debate regarding the effectiveness of face masks with various discussions to who should be wearing them and how to use them safely.

Although it remains paramount that the general public do not wear surgical face masks as they need to be reserved for NHS staff and frontline workers, there has been some new advice which everyone should take seriously released by the government on 11th May.  Now they are advising you should wear a face covering when you are in an enclosed space where social distancing becomes impossible including shops and public transport.

There is a difference between the words ‘face mask’ and ‘face covering’ – the latter being the word the government has opted for. A face mask is a surgical-grade mask only required for care workers or the sick. The general public is being advised to wear a ‘face covering’, which is simply something that covers your mouth and nose. This could be a scarf, a handmade face mask, or a piece of cloth.

If you do decide you want to wear one, you have two options: fashion your own DIY face covering, or pick up an alternative, such as a non-medical face mask (there are lots of handy crafters making these to sell) or a neck gaiter / summerweight snood or similar.

So heres a few suggestions;


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