24. May, 2020


So if I have taken anything away from lockdown it is to have no regrets!

Its been the perfect time and continues to be the perfect time to utilise all those hours you would never usually have and do all those things you have been bitching about doing but never had the time to do! 

Losing weight - eating healthy - giving up smoking - cutting down on booze - ensuring that you cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and every evening - making an effort to not just lounge around everyday and wear only elasticated waistbands  - keeping positive - making the best of the situation you find yourself currently in - decluttering the house, rearrranging the garden, planting, hugging that tree you have had your eye on for months, embracing the fact that starlings have made a nest in your roof and keep shitting on the decking - stop swearing and saying very bad things especially about the starlings that have made a nest in the roof and keep shitting on the deck - finding your inner peace - addressing hard skin on your feet - using all those skin products just lurking in the cupboard promising endless youth and making all those fine lines and wrinkles seem a thing of the past- finally making friends with the weighing scales that threaten to rock your world - finish painting the kitchen ceiling - not allowing anyone to piss you off - avoiding watching the news more than once a day - stop relying on George Ezra to brighten your mood - sell all those clothes on ebay that have not fitted for the last year , some that dont even fit over one thigh! - stop worrying about cellulite when people are dying from Covid 19 - stop freaking out when someone comes within a 2 metre distance including family members who you have been in lockdown since the start - come to terms with the fact that some people cannot come to grips with Zoom - stop giving the dogs treats just because there is a half an hour window where you have nothing to do - avoid dwelling in black moods - realise and hold onto the hope that there is life after Covid 19 - stop thinking about why people would want to eat bats - wishing that your application for who wants to be a millionaire was more interesting and therefore you could have possibly appeared before this all happened and had a bit of spare cash to be spalshing out on the latest Groupon offers- stop watching boxsets on netflix as though you are being sponsored like Captain Tom - stop subscribing for free viewing on Now TV and Disney Channel using a variety of email addresses- crying at Afterlife - wondering why you never rated Ricky Gervais before crying at Afterlife - cease trying to understand people - stop mourning that you cannot be let loose in TK Maxx anytime soon- wishing that you were somewhere faraway - stop craving a big mac, fries and caramel frappe - missing seeing your mum even though your older enough to cope - missing your mum to hug and tell you everything will be OK!  Holding onto the hope that it will be OK!

So it starts now - we can only see where it takes us ........