Not being the most tactile person in the world; for me, the current climate not encouraging hugging suits perfectly. 

The thought of hugging my boss is something that would never make either top on my priority list nor would it ever reach that bucket list I always meant to sit down and put together, no matter how much I liked them!

Over the years the bosses I have worked for have fallen into the good, the bad and the damn right ulgy and the latter doesnt relate to how they have looked (although a few have been challenged), but it relates to their level of toxicity - ulgy from within. 

There is something very unattractive about those who are power mad and driven by their ability to control and micro manage just to make themselves feel better about their existence and it happens. 

Why is it when someone reaches bossdom do they think they become superior overall in everything they do and expect to be treated differently in and out of the workplace?

So what is National Hug Your Boss Day all about? 

Its along the lines of if you love your job then show it through hugging the person you report into  - needless to say it wasnt something that was thought of and promoted by someone in the UK as we just dont do it!

For National Hug Your Boss Day the following all important questions were asked;

Would you invite your boss to the pub with the team - 56% said yes.  

This is not surprising as going to the pub is quite a normal outside of work activity and regardless of whether you like your boss or not, good manners kick in including extending the invitation to people you normally wouldnt include or indeed wish to spend any time outside of the office.

Do you feel that the boss needs a hug sometimes - 51% said yes.

Well in reality whether you are a boss or not we all need a hug!  However, to me hugs have meaning and are not given out willy nilly - its just the way it is.....

If the boss tried to hug you what would you do - 27% felt comfortable enough to want to give them a bear hug, 40% would give them a hug at a distance, 18% would run away and 15% would slap them. 

I completely agree and there is no doubt I would fall inbetween the 15% + 18% - in fact may do both and just find another job!

Why wouldnt you give your boss a hug - 58% said it was unprofessional, 17% said it would be uncomfortable, 13% said they didnt like them and 12% said they smelt.

For me all of the above! 

So in conclusion - with or without Covid 19 I would not hug my boss and therefore this is one National Awareness Day I will not be popping on the calendar!