11. Oct, 2020


Due to my outstanding success story with my courgettes, it has fuelled my desire to continue to grow more into the winter months.  So, what better to please than peas!

Feeling truimphant and full of posivitpea from my natural flair and green finger ability, nothing seems more appealing than the pea! 

My research shows that it is quite possible to sow peas now until the beginning of November and get them established before the worst of the weather winter can bring. Then, with a little protection and there has been mention of fleece to cover them over the darkest month, they will arise triumphantly in early spring.  

Howver, before I commence I need to get the right type of seed which needs to be hardy and is the round pea seed in preference to the wrinkled. The round seeds are smooth, so there is nowhere for water to collect as they swell in the first stage of germination, meaning they can be sown in colder, wetter conditions.

For winter growing, another thing to prepare is to have a few sticks to keep them off the soil and away from slugs.

My choice of pea is meteor which is smaller and grows up to 45cm high, so perfectand producing numerous small, but well-filled, pods.  

I cant wait to get sowing and growing this perfect vegetable; flexible and loved by all!