Vodka was first used by Kremlin Monks in 1503 as an antiseptic and for various other cures. 

There is more to Vodka than you think.  Vodka, like most alcohol, is a natural disinfectant. It can easily kill many germs and works in a pinch to keep wounds and even equipment clear and clean from infection.

The other great thing about vodka is that it dries fast meaning that it doesn’t need much in the way of wiping before touching the doorknob or using the toilet seat.

Add a teaspoon each of vodka and sugar to water to keep freshly cut flowers looking great.  The vodka kills the bacteria that would otherwise grow in the water, and the sugar provides nutrients the flowers need to thrive.

As an astringent: Vodka is probably one of the best you can use. It does a great job at closing your pores to inhibit any sort of infections. It also clears any leftover residue from your cleanser. Just mix vodka and water in equal measures and keep in a bottle. Wash your face with your regular face wash, and then apply the mixture using cotton pads and it will close and tighten your pores.

It can also be used as a mouthwash to help ward off tooth infection and periodontal disease and its so effective because of the simple fact that it kills germs including mouth germs.

Use it to help make your hair frizz free.  Our hair tends to get frizzy and unruly from over-using hair straighteners or exposure to harsh climates. Mix a shot of vodka with your regular conditioner and apply, then rinse as normal.  As it helps sealing hair cuticles as it lowers the overall pH producing fewer frizzes and leaving you with smooth and shiny hair!

As many people suffer from flaky skin on our scalps or dandruff which can be uncomfortable, it can be banished for good with vodka.  Add three teaspoons of dried rosemary to a cup of vodka and leave overnight to let it infuse.  Then it is ready to massage the mixture into your scalp and wash off using cold water.

On the subject of flaky, by swapping ice cold vodka for water in pie crust recipes ensures a flakier crust.  The liquid makes the dough more pliable to work with, and then evaporates while baking, giving you a lighter result than water.

Vodka, as mentioned before, gets rid of product build up, fights dandruff, and helps in eliminating toxins from hair. All these automatically equal healthier and gorgeous hair. To take it a step further and prevent hair loss, mix honey, vodka and the juice of an onion and then pop on your hair and leave overnight. Wash it off in the morning using your regular shampoo and conditioner.   As the vodka sterilises your scalp, honey nourishes it and the onion juice strengthens your roots, the combination of all three will make your hair stronger and less susceptible to fallout.

Get rid of smelly feet with vodka.   Foot odour is not nice either for the person with smelly feet or anyone who is near them when they take their shoes off.  But now, it is finally time to say goodbye to cheesy feet by rubbing a bit of vodka on your feet. As it is an amazing astringent, it will close the pores making your feet sweat less and lowering the chances of odour forming and bacterial infection.

The high alcohol content in Vodka makes it an ideal antiseptic. So in between shaves, dip your razor in some vodka to clean it to rid it of any bacteria as a clean razor will surely help you achieve a better and smoother shave.

Cold sores can be painful. Get rid of them fast by applying a dab of vodka directly on them. The vodka dries them out and helps to heal them faster.

It can also banish bad breath by just swirling some vodka around in your mouth, you will be left with a clean mouth and zero bad breath.

But if you haven’t got dry hair, dont suffer from dandruff, have other household products to use, your feet don’t smell, you use disposable razors and don’t suffer with cold sores, your flowers look great and your satisfied with the puff in your pastry just drink it – whatever ailments you have or mood you are in will soon be forgotten as it kicks into your bloodstream!

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