11. Oct, 2020


The obsession with food during lockdown has had its effect!

There was that heightened feeling of aniexty verging on an array of regular random thoughts that were more depressing than happy.  It was a time of comforting eating and drinking more alcohol. A time of tracksuit bottoms, leggings, jeggings and lounge suits.

Due to food availability and our lifestyle shifts during this time, it had to have an impact on our weight and although I knew I had piled on the pounds, as soon as I started to return to wearning work clothes, I just knew instantly it was bad! Worse than expected!

The tightness across my stomach and array of creases indented into my skin on undressing in addition to that feeling of relief at just being able to breathe fully once more once I had unbuttoned, unzipped and unclothed.

I couldnt continue to lie to myself anymore - I have officially become overweight! 

And now weeks after the lockdown was lifted where my denial was comforted by a selection of krispy kremes and a variety of come and get me cakes and beautiful biscuits ready to dunk, I have finally come to terms that I have to do something about it - especially with the fear of a 2nd lockdown potentially happening before the end of this crazy year.  

However, I must not become anxious about this, otherwise I know it will be too easy to reach for the yum yums whilst pouring that extra large glass of rose to drown my sadness and thus the vicious fat cycle countinues! Instead I must focus on just doing something about it and with a new boost of positive mental attitude deal with the fatitude and start my quest to reduce the size of my thighs and rediscover what having stomach abs actually feels like instead of having a middriff that resembles a water bed.

But before I share my plans for a fab not fat version of me I must also share I am not alone - Hallelujah!

According to a recent survey 48% of people said that they too put on weight during lockdown.

So people let Nike - lets do it together!

The main approach to my change of routine, diet, eating habits and exercise regimes will most of all to remember to be to be kind to myself - not expect miracles overnight and be thankful and optimistic about all other aspects of my life.

Over the next few days I will add my cunning plan to shed the pounds and share the before and hopefully after and together we will be ready for anything life throws and avoid anything that looks like a doughnut!