11. Oct, 2020

Honesty is the best policy and as much as I was hoping to be a stone lighter and well on my way to replacing my current body with a new shiny thinner version - alas - it hasnt happened!

In fact since I have had a stern word with myself, especially about the sweeter things in life the cravings have been immense and my willpower non existent.  Example; when the new Mary Berry Ginger cake, all iced and looking gorgeous just kept calling out my name, how could I leave it on the shelf all alone?  Could I be that heartless? 

There it sat at the end of the eye level shelf next to the box of blackcurrant tarts showing off their evenly piped cream toppings.  Clearly acquainted it would have been rude to separate these old friends, as both landed into my basket on wheels.  Not only did I fight with my conscious, but also with the handle as every time I stopped to browse, it would rudely shoot back to its original position causing me constantly have to  pull it back up to the correct height.  Publicly giving the impression I was struggling with this borrowed piece of temporary storage  on wheels and met with quizzical looks!

It didnt stop!  All those naughty calorific foods were on fine form that day and have continued to be since and the art of getting as many items into the limited space was once again put to the test.

Pepperami, full fat cheese, marshmallows, pickled onion monster munch and so it goes on and so do the pounds. 

However, one saving grace!  I bought a pair of skinny jeans that lift and shape and not only do they do what it says on the tin, but they suck in all those extra pounds giving the illusion that indeed my friends I have lost weight and are back on track to that desired goal!

The only downfall is trying to get the buggers off and then having to lie on the bed after such an act of exertion and wait patiently until all the indents caused by the tightiness of design begin to fade!

This week I will be checking out willpower and finding out why I havent got any!