Although a Friday - 14th May 2021 is also a day where you can dance like a chicken to your hearts content!  

At some time or another everybody has most likely done the “Chicken Dance” moves at least once in their lifetime (normally if under 5 or over 50 – the latter fuelled with alcohol and still an interesting concept and a potential social media moment to cause much embarrassment when sober!

So, what do you have to do to chicken dance and be proud of it.  Firstly, no alcohol is required to get those feet stomping, arms flapping and you clucking along to the cheer craziness of letting yourself go – if ever there was a good icebreaker to destress the day or mood – this is it!

History of Chicken Dance Day:

Like every story no matter how positive its contribution on society, the chicken dance too has a history, and it is down to Werner Thomas, a Swiss accordion player, who composed the Chicken Dance tune in late 1950. In 1963, he started performing it in one of the restaurants, which must have been a joyous occasion for the diners, and it was observed individuals who got up and did their thing to the music could be related to ducks and chickens.

During the 1970s more developments were introduced with sounds of “beak,” “wing,” and “tail “noises and moves to match.

“Der Ententanz” was the name of the melody that enlivened the majority of this chicken dance today, and now the dance has come to be classified as “The Chicken Dance”, while the tune itself is known as The Duck Dance.

So, in homage to such a history the way to observe Chicken Dance Day is just by getting out there and doing it anywhere. After all it is a very straightforward and easy set of moves even for those with two left feet and no sense of rhythm!  It commences with making a beak with your hands, and if you really want to get down and dirty with the chicken scene screech them multiple times in beat with the music, at that point do not forget to make wings like a chicken folding them multiple times with the music and hey presto you are doing the Chicken Dance.

You could find yourself enjoying it so much that you may wish to demonstrate your new founded talents outside of the 14th of May and against other genres of music but be warned the chicken dance must remain only on this day and be done in conjunction with the chicken dance song – serious social media consequences remain should you choose not to take this advise and participate at larger venues other than the comfort of your own home!  Even if you attend a children’s party (always say no) or wedding or maybe just sitting in the car and this is a song blasting out do not be tempted – do not wriggle, do not get those arms anywhere near to flap! - There is a time and place for the chicken dance!

Instead celebrate on the 14th of May – you can have a chicken dance dance-off with your family, your flatmates or even down the pub (social distancing required outside of your group of 6).  You could synchronise a mass chicken dance but that takes time and lots of organising which let’s face it life is busy enough!

So, I end with a did you know about chickens and if nothing else you will at least be furnished with an interesting fact for the day which can always be used in life’s awkward silences.

Did You Know…

A chicken can run a mile in about six minutes and forty seconds with a top speed of 9 miles per hour.  It does however vary depending on the breed, fitness level and disposition of the individual chicken.

Chickens do not sweat.

No surprises there are more chickens than humans in the world.

Brown eggs cost more than white eggs.

Chickens do not bathe with water they take dust baths 

Chickens can recognise and differentiate between people - they seem to prefer people whose faces include symmetry and proportion.

They are not colour blind!